Temel Faaliyet Alanları Fields

1. Project Information and Support Services

• Providing information about support programmes and project calls.
• Prior review of project proposals.
• Consultancy in administrative and financial aspects of projects.
• Giving technical support from proposal preparation to final reports.

2. University and Industry Collaboration Services

• Matching project calls with project ideas.
• Project collaboration organizations (project fairs, etc.).
• Promotion of university sources and providing access to them.
• Bringing researchers and industrialists together.
• Providing project management support.

3. IPR and Commercialization Services

• Evaluation of invention.
• Protecting the intellectual property rights.
• Creating a commercialization plan with the inventor.
• Liasion between patent attorney and the inventor.

4. Entrepreneurship Services

• Providing information, making evaluation and leading the entrepreneurs.
• Consultancy about grants for entrepreneurs.
• Pre-incubation and incubation services.
• Bringing entrepreneurs and mentors together.