For Students

ARINKOM TTO provides various services for students under different categories.

Services for students who want to make scientific R&D projects

Providing information about research programmes, and technical support for students before, during and after a project

- Helping students to join project consortia
- Following up and announcing open project calls
- Project preparation support
- Organizing trainings, seminars, experience sharing platforms in terms of projects

Services for students who want to protect their IP rights

- Services for patent searching and filing
- Determining the right protection method
- Providing information about public support programmes about IP

Services for students who want to make Project Based Internship with sector

- Announcing intern requirements and calls of sector representatives
- Bringing candidate interns and sector representatives together
- Bringing academic consultants and candidate interns together

Helping and coordinating the communication of parties before, during and after the internship program

Services for students who want to establish their companies

- Providing information about entrepreneurship, and existing support programmes
- Helping students to write business plans
- Offering pre-incubation services
- Bringing mentor and students together
- Bringing investors and students together