Kimdir? Project Based Internship For Students

Project Based Internship (PBI) is an Anadolu University coordinated program to assign university students to industry projects in accordance with the industry demands. Industry can work with students from any departments of the University.

Thanks to PBI;

• Students can complete a more qualified and effective internship,
• Industry can get an intern who is willing and capable to solve their problems,
• Academicians and sector representatives get to know each other,
• Industry can meet their future employees through this program.

During the program:

• An academic and an industry consultant works with the student.
• Students focus on one specific project subject, and adapt the industry environment in a short period of time.
• Internship program can last from 45 days to 90 days depending on the demand of industry.
• Industry can choose candidate interns through their application forms, and make interviews and exams with the possible candidates.
• Students learn the subject of project before the internship time. Therefore; they find time to make preparations for their projects.
• Students get payment based on the contract between the University and Industry.