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Horizon 2020 - STRESS


Horizon 2020 - STRESS

STRESS - Human Performance Neurometrics Toolbox for Highly Automated Systems Design

Anadolu University Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics is a project partner in a Horizon 2020 project named STRESS which is funded by European Commission under Sesar Programme. The project coordinator is Deep Blue (IT). Anadolu University is the project partner with the roles of (1) Validation, (2) Future scenarios development, (3) Simulations planning and execution. The project team consists of Asst. Prof. Dr. Uğur Turhan, Dr. Ali Ozan Canarslanlar and Dr. Birsen Açıkel.

STRESS brings together 5 partners from 4 countries (Italy, France, Turkey and Belgium). Each one of them contributes to the project with unique expertise: a strong understanding of Human Factors (Deep Blue), a solid experience in the use of neurophysiologic measurements (Sapienza University), a deep knowledge of air traffic management domain (ENAC and Anadolu University) and an overall view on what is the strategic agenda for the development of this domain in the upcoming years (EUROCONTROL).

The roles and tasks of air traffic controllers will change in the future and it is vital to enhance the comprehension of human responses to their role changing, that is, from active control to monitoring of complex situations and managing unexpected system disruptions. The main goal of the project is to generate knowledge able to support the design of the technologies which will be used by controllers to manage the future air traffic scenario.

Specifically the project will provide guidelines to be followed to project future systems that are compatible with human capabilities and limitations, ensuring that the right balance between humans and automations is obtained.

For further information, please visit project web site: http://www.stressproject.eu/