Kimdir? Bigg-Anaç Technopreneurship Programme

BIGG - ANAÇ Technopreneurship Programme is three-module training, consultancy and mentorship programme offered to candidate entrepreneurs who apply to ANA Fikir Technopreneurship Competition and become successful at evaluation phase.

ANA Fikir Technopreneurship Competition is open for business ideas from all sectors. The application can be done under 5 categories: (1) Transportation Technologies (Aviation, Railway Systems, etc.), (2) Material Technologies, (3) Machinery Technologies, (4) Software Technologies, and (5) Other (IoT, Industrial Design, Biotechnology, etc.).

Module 1: Preparation and Business Idea Verification Basic entrepreneurship trainings, patent searching for business ideas, and technical, administrative and legislative screening of the ideas.

Module 2: Business Plan Writing Training Trainings such as Business Model, Demand and Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Production Plan, Legal and Organizational Structure of The Companies, Management Strategies, Defining Financial Requirements, Risk Analysis and Methods are provided to entrepreneurs.

Module 3: Business Development and Technical Mentorship Services To develop technical side of a business idea, technical mentorship is provided for entrepreneurs while offering development mentorship for improving commercial side of the idea.

Specific workshops can be arranged for the above mentioned categories of business ideas as wells as bringing entrepreneurs and sector representatives and academicians together besides previously defined mentorship services.

Free of charge services of ANAÇ Pre-Incubation Center for BIGG - ANAÇ Technopreneurship Programme Entrepreneurs:

- Cubicle workstations

Project design support for receiving fund sources through support programs, particularly TUBITAK BIGG Programme

- Technical support for patent searching and patent application as well as helping in other IP protection methods

- Providing support at the phase of company establishment

Entrepreneurs, who complete BIGG - ANAÇ Technopreneurship Programme and whose business plans become successful at evaluation process, can apply to the 2nd phase of TÜBİTAK 1512 Technopreneurship Capital Support Programme - BİGG which grants 150.000 TL capital support.