Kimdir? Data Management System

ARİNKOM TTO uses a data management system, which is a web based software, to manage business processes related with technology transfer.

ARİNKOM TTO data management system users are categorized as:

• academician,
• industry representative,
• student,
• entrepreneur.

It is possible to create new membership under one of these categories by clicking “new member” section on the panel.

When an industry representative enters the system, he/she can create a company profile and a personal profile. Through the system he/she can make a demand from the TTO, Access project and academician data repository, and follow up the progress of his/her demand. In addition industry representatives can look for open project calls, and any announcements made by the TTO by using the data management system.

The demands that a company can make through the system are listed as follows:

- Academic Consultancy
- Project Partnership
- Project Preparation Support
- IP Services
- Training
- General Services
- Laboratory Services

They can follow up the progress of their demands from the “My Demands” sections.

Similarly when an academician logs in the system, he/she can create a profile and manage any TTO related meetings, agreements, etc. on the panel. The above mentioned types of demands and functions are available for academicians as well.